BCLA represented a mother of four children in the prosecution of her Petition for Protection Against Domestic Violence. The Petitioner came to BCLA after she was beaten by her husband, strangled, and left unconscious.
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How is BLCA funded?

We are funded by federal, state and county grants, as well as through the generous Donations from supporters and charitable organizations.

What kinds of cases does BCLA handle?

BCLA provides services to financially eligible clients in the following areas of law:

Who Is Eligible for BCLA help?

To be financially eligible, applicants must have a gross income not exceeding 125% of the poverty level established by the U.S. Department of Labor.

There is no fee for legal service, but you may be asked to assist with litigation costs (e.g. deposition fees, witness fees, etc.) in highly contested legal matters.

How do I get an appointment with BLCA?

Please call us at (321) 631-2500 to set an appointment and see if you qualify under our financial guidelines. For details regarding our location, see our Contact page.

Does BCLA handle criminal cases?

No, we do not. If you are charged with a criminal offense and cannot afford an attorney you should request a public defender when you first appear before a judge.




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What are the clinics offered at BCLA?

BCLA offers various clinics over the course of the year on different legal topics where people meeting our financial guidelines can make an appointment to meet with an attorney to discuss their legal issues. BCLA offers the following legal clincs:

For information about setting an appointment with one of our clinics, please call us at (321) 631-2500.

Are there other options for me if BLCA cannot represent me in my case?

Yes. One of the projects developed by Legal Aid is our Pro Bono Project. This project was established to help those people whose cases fall outside our areas of expertise. We have access to attorneys in Brevard County who have generously donated their time to assisting you in these types of matters. You must still meet the same financial guidelines as Legal Aid's in-house services.